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Taken individually, neither total compliance, engaging training nor consistent reinforcement are enough to build a safe workplace. However, when you do all three together, you can create an effective “safety culture.”

You really should be thinking of safety as a continuum – compliance, training, and reinforcement – the sum of the whole is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts. That’s what SafetyNow is all about.

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brandSafetyNow Compliance

Are you confident that your policies are compliant and that your employees adhere to safety information?

Our team of experts (which includes safety directors, managers, lawyers, and analysts whose primary responsibility is to keep you aware of complex legislation, pending changes, new interpretations and evolving case law – and give you the actual solution you need to implement to avoid all the risks.

Call one of our safety specialists at 1.800.667.9300 to audit your compliance risk.


brandSafetyNow Training

91% of safety directors, VPs, and managers say that keeping employees engaged with their safety training is their primary safety concern (source: 2016 State of Safety Survey – SafetyNow).

SafetyNow Training is a different solution!

Our courses (online & mobile), videos, and instructor-led presentations are modern and based on advanced learning theories that effectively engage your employees and improve retention.

The proof is in the results, our clients report SafetyNow as having 15x more value than the training solutions they were delivering before.

Call one of our safety specialists at 1.800.667.9300 to start getting 15x more value from your investments.


brandSafetyNow Reinforcement

With decades of experience in safety communication, skilled graphic designers, safety communication experts on staff and our own distribution and warehouse facilities, we proudly serve the most demanding customers around the world.

Our specialists can introduce you to proven, multi-touch safety communications options that reinforce your safety training.

Call 1.800.667.9300 to talk about innovative safety reinforcement options like table tents, calendars, interactive materials for safety meetings, posters and much more.


A better way to build a safety culture that has been proven to reduce overall costs while also reducing accidents & incident rates.

A Blended Approach for a Safety Continuum

When you combine compliance, training and reinforcement, you can reduce your total safety investment and get exponentially more out of every dollar spent.

Find out what SafetyNow can do for your organization. Call 1.800.667.9300 to start getting 15x better results.

SafetyNow Compliance

Building a better safety program starts with the confidence that your policies, procedures and training are compliant with laws, regulations, and the latest case precedents.

Save precious time, avoid fines and fatalities, and stay on the right side of the law with SafetyNow Compliance. Call 1.800.667.9300 to find out how.

SafetyNow Training

Your safety training needs to be able to deliver training in a way that maximizes employee learning and can be measured in real-time – videos, online courses, and compliant safety talks in the right mix can be highly effective when they are available 24-7 via any type of device.

You need SafetyNow Training. Call 1.800.667.9300 to get started.

SafetyNow Reinforcement

The best policies, programs and training are all worthless if your employees forget the key safety messages moments after leaving the classroom, or stepping away from the computer. A good visual reinforcer like a high-impact safety poster is the difference between the next near miss and the next workplace injury or fatality. Why invest the effort and money to have your safety program fall off the cliff the moment employees go back to work?

SafetyNow reinforcement protects your investment. Call 1.800.667.9300 to start getting a better return.

Know More About Us

Thousands of companies trust SafetyNow to get crystal clear “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” help to create more effective safety programs and reduce workplace incidents, accidents and injuries.

Know more about us

We’ve been in the safety business since 1929. Back then we published The Safe Foreman, and for over 85 years we provided thousands of companies with compliant safety training, practical guidance and tools to run successful safety programs.

As times changed, we evolved to produce more industry specific solutions, and higher-impact safety visuals. When the Internet started to flourish we transitioned from being a print publisher to being an online-first resource – and now, we have evolved into a complete online safety solution.

We have the experience and wisdom from nearly 100 years in the business. We are a solution’s provider focused on empowering our clients by:

  • Delivering engaging, effective training everywhere on any device.
  • Offering an LMS that enables you to track employee progress, measure gaps, and incrementally improve your program.
  • Reinforcing the training message and protecting your investment through the use of high-impact safety posters and other visuals.

SafetyNow is a new type of company. We aren’t your grandpa’s safety program. We are a safety solution for your new and legacy workers, built on a solid foundation of experience and know-how, but delivered in a way that is ENGAGING, EFFECTIVE, EVERYWHERE.




There is a difference between being able to access your safety solution on any device and it being optimized or responsive for any device. The latter means that you aren’t seeing mouse print. The latter means that the solution is intuitive and user friendly on any device. The latter means that a worker can access their training in the cold tundra of a work camp, or log a near miss on an oil derrick. The latter means you are using SafetyNow.

No other blended safety solution works across any device, in any location, at any time.

SafetyNow believes that your safety program can’t just work some of the time, in some of the places. If you want to engage all of your workers – if you want them to remember your safety message, your solution needs to be responsive.


Our Happy Clients

SafetyNow has a legacy of providing the best customer service in the world, reinforced by customer loyalty: over 95% of our clients would and do recommend us to their colleagues.


Award Winning

SafetyNow has been chosen the “Best Solution” for the 2016 CODiE Award in the category of Best Risk Management & Compliance Solution

SafetyNow Training

Compliant safety training can be engaging too! In fact, SafetyNow members report reducing accident & incident rates by as much as 57% while also improving reporting, recall, and retention. Wouldn’t you like the same results?


SafetyNow Reinforcement

Reinforce your safety training and safety culture with high-visibility imagery or recognizable characters like the Simpsons. Safety posters, quiz cards and table tents are a great way to show employees your commitment to safety.


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